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Flight Club

Fly the Sofar Fleet.


The Flying Club Reinvented

The Sofar Flight Club is a premier aircraft rental experience. 

Sofar Flight Club members are trained by our instructors. We keep our members current and proficient to ensure our members maintain the highest level of safety. 

Our members have access to some of the newest Cirrus aircraft on the market.

We have Cirrus positioned in the Boston area, Miami Area, and our home base in the New York Tristate Area.

Fly with our team

We combine the basic tasks of a school with the network of a flying club and include the professionalism of a major training company. 

Our instructors are mentors. We provide a unique approach to flight training through mentorship and recurrent training. 

Whether you start from zero or have already acquired experience, you'll find what you're looking for with us.


Cirrus Aircraft

The most advanced and safest aircraft on the general aviation market. 

We train like we fly in the 21st century. Learn how to make decisions with the latest technology. Our Team has flown thousands of hours in Cirrus. Benefit from the mentorship of our instructors to explore flying to the highest level.

Come fly the Sofar fleet.

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