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Fly the


Phenom 100.

Experience Exceptional Travel with Sofar's Phenom 100

Welcome aboard!

Introducing the Phenom 100 - your ultimate ticket to travel in unrivalled style.

Designed for business trips and family getaways, this small aircraft harmoniously combines the need for speed with uncompromising comfort, all at an incredibly attractive price. Despite its compact size, the Phenom 100 ensures that you don't have to sacrifice luxury for efficiency. Enjoy the comfort of its spacious, well appointed seats for a sumptuous experience, whether you're on a business mission or escaping with the family. High-speed travel becomes an uncompromising reality, as the Phenom 100 sets a new benchmark for small jets, offering efficiency and luxury in an elegant package.
What really sets the Phenom 100 apart is its reliability. Count on this exceptional aircraft for a journey that's not only smooth, but also safe, so you can reach your destination with pinpoint accuracy. Elevate your travel experience with the Phenom 100 - an unrivalled blend of speed, comfort and affordability that defines the pinnacle of private aviation.


Make it anywhere


The Cabin

The Phenom 100 also claims to have the tallest and widest cross section, cabin dimensions in its class, offering more head and leg room than its competitors. The Phenom 100 also possesses the largest entrance door, and is unique due to the fact that most entry-level and small jets do not have an air-stair option!


The Phenom 100 windows are also the largest among entry-level and light jets, measuring 1.2 square feet, and are strategically positioned to provide the most natural light possible for occupants. The Phenom 100 contains a forward wardrobe for storing coats, jackets, and up to 4 laptops with 6 cubic feet of storage capacity.

The Phenom 100 has a large cabin cross-section and offers more head and legroom than many competitors. Depending on the configuration, there is room for 4 to 6 passengers in the cabin without feeling cramped. The large windows give the cabin a light and bright feel-good ambience.

cabin layout phenom 100

Aircraft Specifics and Cabin Capability


- Enclosed Bathroom

- Widest Cabin in Light Jet Category

- Cabin Pressure Altitude as Low as 8,000ft - At Cruise Altitude of 41,000ft

- 110V Outlets (2)

- Satellite Phone/Text Capability/Airtext


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