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Private Jet Safety

Safety First

At Sofar, prioritizing safety is central to our charter plane service. It's not merely a single checkbox before your flight—it involves meticulous attention to multiple safety criteria. From thorough inspections of the entire aircraft pre-flight to ensuring the proficiency and certification of your pilot, we steadfastly adhere to the most stringent private jet safety regulations for your peace of mind.

The Pinnacle of Aircraft Safety

Our aircraft undergo a rigorous due diligence checklist, ensuring you fly with the utmost quality and safety. Adhering to the industry's strictest safety standards, our ratings signify excellence. We not only mandate safety reports for each charter but also closely monitor aircraft maintenance and insurance records. Rest assured, every charter takes off only after a comprehensive safety inspection from top to bottom.


Expert Pilots, We Can Trust


The aircraft is only half the safety factor in private jet charter flights. The pilot is the other half. We only allow the most qualified pilots to operate your charter jet. They all undergo strict training and background checks. And every pilot meets all training and flight-hour requirements. To top it all off, our trusted pilots know their aircraft like the back of their hand, and are confident because they fly the same jets every day. The pilots also pay close attention to the relationship they have with their passengers, to ensure that their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Transparent quote. Unrivaled service.
Reservations throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada.

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