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Family Charters

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Book Private Jet Charter for Family

Elevate your family or friends travel with Sofar on your next private flight, where we handle all the details. We go the extra mile to ensure your flying experience meets both your travel needs and those of your family members.

Whether it's a promised coastal getaway for the kids or a surprise trip to the city for your partner, we cater to your desired destinations and schedules. Morning or early afternoon preference? We make scheduling a private flight effortless for your family. Anytime, we have a plane ready for your next family vacation.

When booking a private jet for your family, perfection is key. Choose from a variety of aircraft to find the perfect fit for your family.

At Sofar, we understand that safety is paramount, especially for your family. That's why we insist on the highest industry safety standards for your aircraft, pilot, and crew. Your jet undergoes a thorough safety inspection before taking flight.


Family first!

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Why fly with Sofar?


Expert pilots, passionate about precision and your travel experience.


Fly in unparalleled comfort and style – comfort seats, curated refreshments, snacks, and WiFi at your fingertips. Elevate your travel experience.


Travel with confidence on our aircraft of unrivalled reliability, where safety and peace of mind define every flight.


Travel with confidence on our aircraft of unrivalled reliability, where safety and peace of mind define every flight.


From travel essentials to specialized gear, our flexible luggage policy ensures your journey is tailored to your passions and preferences.


Save valuable time and enjoy flexible schedules tailored to your needs and agenda.

Safety First

When you step onto your private family charter, anticipate a secure and seamless journey. Your safety is our top priority at Sofar. We meticulously choose your flight crew and pilot, adhering to stringent safety standards, and conduct thorough safety inspections on every aircraft prior to takeoff.

Our Fleet


Make it anywhere


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Submit your request and let us find you the ideal aircraft at the best price. Our team is committed to meeting your travel needs with efficiency and professionalism.

We can provide you with information on aircraft size, baggage capacity, terms of sale and cancellation policy.

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