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Fly With Your Pets

Flying with your four-legged friends just got a whole lot better. At Sofar Aviation, we understand that pets are family, and that's why our private jet services are proudly pet-friendly. Say goodbye to the stress of leaving your furry companions behind, and embrace the freedom to explore the world with your beloved pets by your side.

Our private jet experiences are fully customizable, catering to both human and furry passengers. From spacious seating to dedicated pet areas, we ensure that every member of your travel party enjoys a tailored and comfortable journey. This option can also be beneficial for older dogs or those not allowed in the cargo hold by major airlines.

Understanding the severity of certain allergies among our Owners, we ensure a meticulous cleaning of our planes after each flight. Step aboard knowing that the cabin is impeccably clean, providing a spotless environment for your comfort.


Why fly with Sofar?


Expert pilots, passionate about precision and your travel experience.


Fly in unparalleled comfort and style – comfort seats, curated refreshments, snacks, and WiFi at your fingertips. Elevate your travel experience.


Travel with confidence on our aircraft of unrivalled reliability, where safety and peace of mind define every flight.


Travel with confidence on our aircraft of unrivalled reliability, where safety and peace of mind define every flight.


From travel essentials to specialized gear, our flexible luggage policy ensures your journey is tailored to your passions and preferences.


Save valuable time and enjoy flexible schedules tailored to your needs and agenda.

Safety First

Federal Aviation Administration regulations indicate that pets under 150 pounds may occupy a passenger seat. Pets weighing over 150 pounds must remain on the floor. During taxi, takeoff, and landing, it’s important to make sure your pet is secured inside the cabin. There are three seating options: in a pet carrier, belted into a seat, or leashed while attached to a passenger seat belt (and out of the aisle).

Our Fleet


Make it anywhere


Fly now with your Pets

Experience the joy of flying with your pets by choosing Sofar. Our pet-friendly private jet services redefine travel, making every journey a memorable and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friends. Fly with us and discover a new level of freedom and companionship in the skies.

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