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Explore Nantucket: A Weekend Getaway to Remember

Magical Destination: Nantucket in a Weekend

Nantucket Destination

We provide a comfortable flight of approximately one hour to Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK) aboard our fleet of PC-12s.

Nantucket, the gem of the East Coast of the United States, is an idyllic getaway that will charm travelers seeking natural beauty, captivating history, and relaxation on pristine beaches. If you have the chance to spend a weekend on this picturesque island, here is a comprehensive list of places to visit and activities to do for an unforgettable experience.

Places to Visit:

Brand Point Lighthouse

1. Brant Point Lighthouse: Start your weekend by visiting this iconic lighthouse, offering breathtaking views of Nantucket Harbor. It's the perfect spot for taking beautiful souvenir photos.

Sankaty Head Light

2. Sankaty Head Light: Explore another historic lighthouse offering spectacular panoramas of the ocean. The surrounding coastal landscape is awe-inspiring.

Downtown Nantucket

3. Downtown Nantucket: Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the historic downtown, lined with colorful houses, unique boutiques, and captivating art galleries.

Whaling Museum

4. Whaling Museum: Immerse yourself in Nantucket's fascinating maritime history through interactive exhibits and well-preserved artifacts.

Cisco Brewers

5. Cisco Brewers: Indulge in the delights of this lively brewery offering craft beers, local wines, and spirits.

The Old Mill

6. The Old Mill: Take a visit to the oldest functioning windmill in the United States, dating back to 1746, and admire its historic architecture.

Nantucket is a dream destination for an enchanting weekend. With its preserved natural beauty, charming lighthouses, rich history, and diverse activities, this unique island will exceed all your expectations. So, get ready for a memorable weekend in Nantucket, where unforgettable memories await. Have a nice trip!


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