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The Total Solar Eclipse Experience with Sofar

Experience the Total Solar Eclipse with Sofar

April 8, 2024, marked an extraordinary day for Sofar as we took to the skies to witness the total solar eclipse, providing our clients with an unforgettable celestial experience. Mobilizing our entire fleet, including 2 Pilatus, 2 Phenom 100s, and 1 Phenom 300, we curated a one-of-a-kind journey.


An Exceptional Journey


Departing from Teterboro airport, our private jets transported 30 happy BLADE Urban Mobility passengers to Buffalo, where we chose the perfect spot to observe the total eclipse. This rare phenomenon turned mid-day into a short night, offering a breathtaking spectacle. The flights lasted 2h50min, with plenty of time in the Buffalo area to get the best view of the eclipse.

Pilot Briefing

Before departure, our pilots engaged in detailed briefings to coordinate our flights in the busy skies that day. This meticulous preparation ensured the safety and comfort of our passengers throughout the journey.


Comfort and Hospitality Onboard

Onboard our aircraft, each client had their own seat and window to fully enjoy the spectacle. We also provided beverages and snacks to enhance this special moment.

The Eclipse: A Magical Experience


During the total eclipse, the sky darkened, and the temperature dropped by 20 degrees, creating a unique atmosphere. Thanks to eclipse glasses provided by BLADE, our passengers witnessed the moon taking a bite out of our nearest star. The cabin was filled with a mystical ambiance as the celestial show unfolded before our amazed eyes.

An Unforgettable Moment


For our clients and pilots alike, this day will be etched in our memories. Experiencing such a spectacular astronomical event together strengthened our passion for aviation and exploration. At Sofar, we are committed to offering unique and memorable experiences to our passengers, and this total solar eclipse is a perfect example.

Thanks to Our Partner, BLADE

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our business partner, BLADE Urban Mobility, for collaborating with us on this remarkable journey. Their support and contribution made this experience truly unforgettable.

Stay tuned with Sofar for our upcoming aerial adventures. Get ready to experience extraordinary moments in the skies with us.

“Fly Sofar, Make It Anywhere”


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