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Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami

Book your Private Jet Flight to see the F1 Grand Prix of Miami

The Grand Prix automobile de Miami 2024, to be contested this May 5, 2024 at the Miami International Speedway, is the 1107ᵉ Formula 1 World Championship event raced since 1950. This legendary race promises thrilling moments for lovers of speed and glamour. If you're looking to experience this adventure in a luxurious and unforgettable way, why not opt for a private jet trip to attend this event?


Miami, an exciting racing destination

Miami, known for its vibrant atmosphere and spectacular scenery, becomes the epicenter of motorsport with the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This urban race promises breathtaking views of the Miami skyline and the turquoise waters of the bay as drivers challenge each other on a twisty circuit.

Why choose a Private Jet Flight?

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Attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, made even more special by traveling by private jet. Here's why:

Comfort and Style: Travel in the luxury and comfort of a private jet, with spacious seats and personalized services that make every moment a pleasure.

Flexibility: Plan your trip to suit your schedule. Private jets offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to depart and return at your convenience.

Exclusive Access: Arrive directly in Miami without unnecessary stopovers, avoiding long waits at the airport.

Private airports nearby

To make your private jet trip easier, here are some private airports near Miami where you can land to watch the Grand Prix:

1. Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF): Located just 18 kilometers from downtown Miami, this private airport is ideally situated for travelers to Miami International Speedway.

2. Miami Executive Airport (TMB): This private airport, also known as Tamiami Airport, is located approximately 35 kilometers southwest of downtown Miami, offering a convenient alternative for private jet arrivals.

3. Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE): Although slightly further away, this private airport in Fort Lauderdale, some 50 kilometers north of Miami, is another option for private jet travelers.

Imagine taking off in a private jet, comfortably seated in an elegant interior, and landing directly at one of these private airports near Miami to watch the race. After a day of excitement and thrills, you can return to your private jet and fly home at your convenience, without having to worry about commercial flight schedules.

Contact us today to schedule your private jet flight to one of these private airports and guarantee yourself a privileged place at this sensational event. Our experienced team is ready to meet all your travel needs, allowing you to concentrate on the excitement of the race.

Book now and get ready for an exceptional weekend in Miami, where speed and elegance meet in an unforgettable spectacle.


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