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Sofar x Bahari Teas

The Art of Tea with Bahari Teas on board Sofar

At Sofar, we always strive to offer our passengers an exceptional flying experience. It is with great excitement that we present our latest collaboration with Bahari Teas, a brand specializing in natural, deliciously scented artisan teas.


Our partnership with Bahari Teas represents an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to offer our customers superior products on board our private jets. Bahari Teas, renowned for their purity and authentic flavor, add a new dimension to our selection of refreshments and snacks, with tasty and healthy options.

We are proud to offer our passengers three unique flavors of Bahari teas:

1. Classic Peach: Discover Bahari Teas' classic peach iced tea: a handcrafted treasure combining Bahari Teas' distinctive loose black tea with the sweet tartness of real peaches. With no added sugar, this drink celebrates Kenya's tea heritage.

2. Purple Peach: An exceptional drink made from antioxidant-laden purple tea leaves, infused with natural pomegranate and orange flavors. Its bewitching fragrance and magnificent purple color will transport you to a dreamlike world with every sip of this unique iced tea.

3. Bloody Mary: A delightful beverage designed to excite your palate! Our distinctive black tea leaves are blended with natural tomato and basil flavors, resulting in a refreshing and flavorful drink. This versatile beverage can also serve as a base for creating delicious mocktails.

Each Bahari tea has been carefully selected to perfectly complement the Sofar travel experience. Whether you want to relax or simply enjoy a moment of in-flight pleasure, these teas will give you an authentic and refined taste.

Stay tuned for these delights on your next trip with Sofar. We look forward to helping you discover the perfect harmony between the comfort of a private flight and the exquisite flavours of Bahari Teas.

Enjoy your trip and your drink!


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